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Scarborough Ladies Football Club celebrated another great season for the club as players, parents and coaches came together for a gala evening at the Scarborough Spa Ocean Room.

All 117 girls, whose ages range from 4 to 18, received squad awards, with the following players winning individual trophies from their achievements during the season:

All the Trophies for the evening were purchased from Boddy and Ridgewood

Under 10s FC

Managers' Player Winner - Coral Ashby

Managers' Player Runner Up - Ava Gildroy

Players' Player Winner - Jemima Chapman

Players' Player Runner Up -Emilie Watson

Under 10s Reds

Managers' Player Winner - Kinberley Rowe

Managers' Player Runner Up - Harmani Atkinson

Players' Player Winner - Lucy Hartley

Players' Player Runner Up -Lillie Mae Bayes

Under 12s

Parents' Player Winner - Alannah Inglis

Parents' Player Runner Up - Lucy Webster

Players' Player Winner - Emily McArthur

Players' Player Runner Up - Libby Coggin

Under 13s

Managers' Player Winner - Jorji Crawford

Managers' Player Runner Up - Libby Edwards

Players' Player Winner - Abi pollard

Players' Player Runner Up - Jess Corner


Under 14s

Managers' Player Winner - Amy Marras

Managers' Player Runner Up - Lily Curtis

Players' Player Winner - Becky Smith

Players' Player Runner Up - Ruby Darrell


Under 15s

Managers' Player Winner - Ellie Pateman

Managers' Player Runner Up - Amber Colling

Players' Player Winner - Anna Bowman

Players' Player Runner Up - Beth Barnes


Under 16s

Manager's Player Winner - Lauren Corner

Manager's Player Runner Up - Poppy Simpson

Players' Player Winner - Eden Sellers

Players' Player Runner Up - Erin Nicolson


Under 18s

Manager's Player Winner - Emily Lewis

Manager's Player Runner Up - Christy Thompson

Players' Player Winner - Kate Allan

Players' Player Runner Up - Eboney Stewart


Girl of the Season

Nominees - Ella Brown,  Sienna Williams, Ellie Grace Sullivan, Emma Willis, Lucy Roberts, Louise Bean, Phoebe Philips, Molly Swales


Winner - Sienna Williams.


The Club would like to thank all players, parents, carers and sponsors for their phenomenal support throughout the season.


Scarborough Ladies FC welcome girls of all ages and abilities to join the Club and anyone interested should call Club Secretary Colin Hepples on 07767 146408 for further details.

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